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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Needless Death

Many years there have been small plane crashes in the Rocky Mountains. Some times the planes and their victims are never found because the crash occurs in a remote area. I remember one in particular. The pilot survived for several weeks in the crumpled fuselage of his single engine plane. He recorded his struggles in a diary until he finally died of exposure. The next spring some hikers found the plane, his body and his diary. The irony of the whole thing was that the wreckage was only a few hundred yards from a major thoroughfare. It had been traveled all winter long by thousands of motorists. Help was so near, yet so far.
We ask, “How could that have happened?” We can only guess. It had to have been ignorance. The pilot obviously didn’t know how close he was to help. It could have been because of disbelief. He may have heard the hum of tires and thought he was hallucinating. Or it might have been delusion. Maybe his mind told him something contrary to the facts of reality. Whatever it was, the pilot had needlessly died.
What about you? Is your life being eked out in the crumpled fuselage of unfulfilled dreams? Is your diary full of shattered hopes and of bitter resentments?Then listen carefully. Do you know that you can find happiness and fullness of life by believing in Jesus? Don’t miss out on God’s rescue because of ignorance, disbelief or delusion. Fullness of life is yours through Jesus.

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